Fauna Australis



Professor Cristián Bonacic DVM. MSc. DPhil.

Department of Ecosystems & The Environment

School of Agriculture & Forestry Sciences


Field-station Director (Kod Kod Araucanía)

Jerry Laker. BSc Agr. MSc ecology

Education & Conservation, Sustainability, Eco-tourism, Wildlife Conservation

Research team

  • Ana Muñoz (BSc, MSc). Laboratory coordinator.
  • José Infante (Agr, MSc). Associate researcher.
  • Omar Ohrens (Agr, MSc, PhD Wisconsin). Associate researcher.
  • Andre Rubio (Vet, MSc, PhD UNAM). Assistant professor. School of Veterinary Sciences. Universidad de Chile
  • Alejandra Muñoz (BSc Agr, MSc, PhD candidate). Assistant professor (adjunct). Ungulates conservation, sustainable Agriculture, ecology.
  • Nicolás Gálvez (BSc, Agr, Msc, PhD).  Assistant professor. Carnivores, conflict resolution, conservation biology.
  • Tomás Ibarra (BSc. Agr, MSc Conservation, MSc Ethnobiology, PhD). Assistant professor.  PhD Conservation Biology, Ornithology, Ethnobiology.
  • Tomás Altamirano (BSc For, PhD). Postdoctorate UBC & Associate researcher. Bird ecology and forestry conservation.
  • Juan David Amaya. Assistant professor. Universidad Javeriana. Colombia.
  • Omar Siguas. Assistant professor. Universidad de Huancavelica. Perú.
  • Graduate students 2019: Constanza Arevalo (BA Cornell University), Mariangela Paratori (BSc Forestry, U de Chile), Skarleth Chinchilla (BSc Honduras).