Fauna Australis

20 years serving biodiversity
2001 – 2021


The Laboratory has had British, German and Chilean postdoc since 2003.

Our Laboratory sponsors Chilean and foreign applicants to join us in the following research topics:

  • The impact of feral domestic animals on native wildlife.
  • Invasive species and their management.
  • Stress and animal wellbeing of South American wild camelids.
  • Conflict between pumas and ranching
  • Ecology and conservation of vicuñas and guanacos.
  • Diseases and climate change on native mammals of Chile.
  • Ecology of urban birds and citizen science.
  • Birds of the temperate forest and their relation to anthropogenic actions and climate change.
  • Human-animal relations and the conflict between conservation and animal rights.
  • Trade and use of wildlife at a local and global scale.

Dr. Omar Ohrens
Research Fellow 2019
sponsored by Panthers.org

List of previous Fauna Australis postdocs

Dr Ross Clubb (Scotland). Guanaco and vicuña behavior and animal welfare.

Dr Almut Popp (Germany). Effects of the transportation and liberation of guanacos.

Dr Elke Schuttler (Germany). Effects of habitat fragmentation on guiñas of the Andean zone of the Araucanía.

Dr Tomás Altamirano (Chile). Ecology of birds of the native Andean temperate forest and their variations in the altitudinal gradient.

Dr Omar Ohrens (Chile). Conflict resolution between people and wildlife

Current research: The impact of tourism on the puma in Torres del Paine.