Fauna Australis

20 years serving biodiversity
2001 – 2021


Practically all the ecosystems of the planet are already dominated by human beings or indirectly suffer their impact.

The same occurs in Chile, from the Andes to the sea. The native fauna of our country face diverse threats, such as:

  • loss of habitat due to the shift of intensive agriculture to areas with steeper slopes
  • contamination caused by industrial activities, mining, agriculture, and urban expansion.
  • invasive species, both domestic and wild.
  • illegal hunting and exotic animal trading.
  • wildfires and other catastrophes caused by humans and aggravated by the greatest climatic variability (riverbed occupation, sand extraction, deforestation of river edges, and lake contamination)
  • Impact of bad public policies (extreme animal rights groups, big corporations, and a State deficient in its control of environmental problems)
Feral domestic animals affect biodiversity

Our interdisciplinary research is published in scientific journals, channel x, boom chapters, and the Fauna Australis Series