Fauna Australis

20 years serving biodiversity
2001 – 2021


The Fauna Australis Lab conducts research on native and exotic wild carnivore species.

For almost 20 years, we have researched the genetics of species present in Chile, ecology, conservation, and interactions between livestock and carnivores.

In the last decade, we have had to research the impact of feral dogs on native fauna and participate in multiple forums, conferences, public policy documents, bills, and outreach regarding the importance of responsible ownership to prevent the impacts of dogs on threatened native species.

Fauna Australis has had a long-term collaboration with The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in diverse areas related to native and exotic carnivores.

Video about the impact of feral animals on wildlife.

Fauna Australis researchers specialized in carnivores

Chilla fox
David Macdonald and Cristian Bonacic
Fox and guanaco in the Torres del Paine National Park


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