Fauna Australis

20 years serving biodiversity
2001 – 2021

Invasive Species

Numerous exotic invasive species exist in Chile that affect native fauna, their ecosystems, agriculture, the forest industry, bodies of water, and livestock.

The Fauna Australis Lab has conducted research regarding:


  • Monk Parakeets
  • Feral dogs
  • Minks
  • Wild boars
  • Donkeys
  • Red deer
  • Beaver
  • Global impact of feral domestic species

Publications featured at an international level

Trend in Ecology and Evolution 2019


Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2016

Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 2019
Environmental Conservation 2016

Publications featured at a national level

Colegio Médico Veterinario de Chile
Centro de Políticas Públicas